News agency, Cape Town, South Africa
Thursday September 29th 2022

Police commissioner’s son lacks money for lawyer

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4 Responses to “Police commissioner’s son lacks money for lawyer”

  1. biacca says:

    really dont thnk they did it because they are not too much stupids

  2. Yanga says:

    i dont think lwazi did it because i went to school with the guy yes he did some crazy stuff but this one is the cherry on top.

  3. Sandiso says:

    Hi Yanga.
    Te matter is in court and until then we will know if Lwazi did it or he did not do it. It’s now up to presiding magistrate Gaynor De Wee to decide.
    He has pleaded not guilty to the charges he faces. Witnesses have testified. We will wait and see the outcomes.
    It’s my duty to keep you on the know. Watch this space.

  4. Shaman Sans Frontieres says:

    This is bizarre. Today the son of the Chief Justice of the Western Cape was convicted of fraud; and here is the son of the ex Police Commissioner of the Western Cape charged with robbery, and with rape!

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