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Wednesday June 26th 2019

Families fight after sentencing of spurned wife

Sandiso Phaliso

The sentencing of a woman who threw boiling water over her husband’s lover almost resulted in a brawl in the Khayelitsha Regional Court between the families of the convict and the victim on Thursday.

Magistrate Raadiyah Wathen sentenced Marita Some (37) to four years in prison, two of which were suspended for five years, for throwing boiling water over a woman she suspected was sleeping with her husband.

Upon the sentence being read out, Some’s sister-in-law fainted and other members of Some’s family started weeping loudly.

“Why her? It was not her fault. She did not mean to do it,” wailed one of Some’s family members.

At that point, with everybody asked to leave the courtroom, the victim’s family laughed at Some’s family’s distress and said she deserved a stricter sentence.

The comments unleashed a hail of increasingly heated insults and accusations between the families.

“She must rot in jail. What she got is not enough and the magistrate was lenient towards her. She should have been sentenced to life imprisonment for her actions,” said one of the victim’s family members.

Things got so heated the families would have come to blows had not several policemen stepped in and escorted the two groups off in different directions.

The state had proved beyond reasonable doubt that Some, on December 8, 2007, went to Paulina Ndabana’s house carrying a kettle of boiling water.

Finding Ndabana at home, she started shouting at her, a scuffle ensued and Ndabana had boiling water thrown at her, resulting in her spending two and a half months in Tygerberg hospital after being burnt on her face, upper body and genitals.

Wathen told Some that she was fortunate the state had not charged her with attempted murder rather than of assault with the intent to do grievously bodily harm.

“This complainant could have died as a result of your actions. I don’t understand why two women would fight over a man,” said Wathen. – West Cape News

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