News agency, Cape Town, South Africa
Thursday September 29th 2022

All new Fugard puts a thump in theatre’s chest

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2 Responses to “All new Fugard puts a thump in theatre’s chest”

  1. yvette polovin says:

    thrilled with the news of the new theatre- just to correct the writer of the article,that this area is not a tramps hide-out at all, but an interesting part of the inner city, which boasts the beautiful city hall(and all symphony performances throughout the year), the district six museum, unusual local restaurants,clubs, an art gallery, a great bookshop,
    clothes factory shops and amazing textile shops for good bargains.
    the theatre will certainly fit in, enhance and maybe bring back some of the happiness and atmosphere of the past.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Yvette. You’re spot on that this is no longer a tramps’ hideout, you missed the words ‘until recently’ (although the bergies who used to hang out there were pretty cool, they doubled as car guards, car washers, and a ‘wys’ eye on the street – in fact there’s a good story to be written about the demise of the bergie in the wake of the inner city cleanup. They might drink too much, but the true bergie was never criminal, and often helpful)

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