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Tuesday March 19th 2019

90s reggae star returns to African roots tonight

In the Summer of 1997-1998 the sounds of pop-reggae darling Finley Quaye could be heard permeating through every bar, car, party and beach gathering. The album was the 23-year-old’s debut release Maverick A Strike, and although it demonstrated a certain longevity, with fans replaying favourite tracks in later years, the musician eventually fell away from the mainstream and into relative obscurity.
But he’s back. Here. In Cape Town, and Joburg.

And the news that Quaye is emerging out of the nineties cultural enclave in which he has rested, bubble-wrapped and packed away, has set facebook updates alight with incredulous nostalgia.

The award winning musician will be performing tonight (Friday) at the Assembly in Cape Town and Tanz Café in Joburg tomorrow and confirmed guests at the Cape Town event lists well over 400, despite the restricted space of the venue.

Quaye comes to our shores after touring Dubai with local artists Simon van Gend and Ross Campbell.
Those who weren’t aware of Quaye by name in the late nineties will undoubtedly recognise the mellow, sun-drenched hits Your Love Gets Sweeter, Sunday Shining and Even After All, characterised by gritty, solid bass-lines and his rasping but delicately sweet vocals above them.

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