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Tuesday September 27th 2022

Boobs and balls: medical tourism companies cashing in on World Cup

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7 Responses to “Boobs and balls: medical tourism companies cashing in on World Cup”

  1. Dha Kur says:

    This story is the indication of how medical industry and tourism are combined in today’s world. As the story says, one need to do their home work before they consider any medical procedure whether is elected surgery or necessary medical procedure.
    All the Nations encouraging the medical tourism should provide much needed legal protection and medical rights to Medical Tourists.
    Dha Kur
    Online Medical Tourist Community

  2. We recently did an article on Dr Reddy and her work is amazing! The packages are great

  3. David Hen says:

    Cosmetic surgery is so popular in the UK that there’s even a new TV ‘plastic surgery chat show’ – it launched last night, I watched it out of interest and they made everything seems so normal! If you missed it it’s on the website

  4. Guru Prasad says:

    Medical tourism is probably the safest business because no doctor or the related fecilitator will take a risk just to earn a few fast bucks. This is a business that cares for people.
    We are a medical tourism fecilitator company in India based in Bangalore and our motto is to use a part of the money earned to take care of the less priveleged in society. The most important requirement from a prospective Medical Tourism customer is to let the Doctor know his whole case history. No doctor wants to get into a legal hassel.

    Guru Prasad
    Vice President,
    Sugal Travels. Pvt.Ltd
    (Medical Tourism Fecilatator)
    M+91 98451 84252

  5. i think that plastic surgeries are becoming a routine procedure for very rich people :

  6. Leeann Franzen says:

    Many patients wonder who is able to performing botox injections. The answer is that any authorized health care professional is able to administer botox. However there are likely better experienced administers if you look for surgeons.

  7. I just find medical enhancements unnecessary especially botox injections. Many people nowadays are vain and are not contented of what they are and what they have. Undergoing surgeries for these shallow purposes are irrelevant which could further harm us.

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