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Tuesday March 26th 2019

Filthy water floods Du Noon shacks

Peter Luhanga

The air in Du Noon’s Ethembeni squatter camp stinks. The foul stench that hangs permanently in the air comes from grey water mixed with urine and faeces that flows constantly in between the shacks and onto Siyabonga Street, despite the fact that two municipal worker are employed to maintain them.

The stinking water comes from 20 communal toilets catering for over 3000 people. The toilets are frequently blocked, and overflow, say residents.

Zweli Luzipo, an elected leader of the squatter camp, said the dirty water was hazardous for children in the area and residents feared an outbreak of disease.

He said although there were two permanent municipal workers to maintain the toilets, residents had to buy cleaning chemicals for which they paid a contribution of R10 per week.

He said as an elected leader he was tasked to ensure the toilets were clean every weekend despite the fact that the municipal workers were employed to do it.

“Its not my Job to clean the toilets, some people are getting paid every month to do their job but they are not. Municipality don’t supervise these municipal workers,” he said.

But Blaauwberg Sub-Council chairperson Heather Brenner said the municipal workers cleaned the toilets every day and used chemicals supplied by the city, like Jeyes fluid, to disinfect them.

“It is the way the people use the toilets, and the stuff, like newspaper, which they put in them that causes the blockages,” she said.

Brenner said she had investigated the matter and was “convinced” the municipal workers were doing their job.

However, resident Sharon Gongqa, 32, a mother of two children aged four months and three years, said the municipal workers only cleaned the toilets once a week, and when it rained the squatter camp was like a “pigs kraal”.

“In the morning the squatter camp smells like rotten meat,” said Gongqa.

Sandiswa Dayimane, who is eight months pregnant, said the municipal workers never used disinfectants and only cleaned the toilets once a week.

Diyamani said when people sat on the toilets sit their bums started itching afterwards. — West Cape News

Filthy water floods Du Noon shacks
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