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Tuesday March 26th 2019

Preacher chased out of Philippi

Sandiso Phaliso

Flattened poles and corrugated iron sheeting is all that's left of a preacher's shack after residents chased him out of Philippi. Photo: Sandiso Phaliso/WCNA street preacher has so upset Philippi residents that they’ve demolished his one-room shack and chased him out of the township.

The residents, mostly women, chose Sunday to use axes, spades and hammers to demolish his shack.

The women were furious, claiming the preacher accused them of sleeping with other women’s husbands while their wives were at work.

But before demolishing his shack, the women asked the preacher what proof he had to make his accusations.

When the preacher could only say that God showed him the truth through dreams, they decided enough was enough.

But his preaching has sowed the seed of doubt. Some residents on the street say the preacher never mentioned names, and those who demolished his shack did so because they had guilty consciences and the preacher’s claims could be true.

Resident Nosiphiwo Ntamo, 40, said the demolition of the preacher’s shack was long overdue.

“We cannot live with someone of this nature in our area. He is a bad influence. He is insulting us and now we say: ‘no more’.”

Another resident, Nomsa Mvana, 33, said the community members were fed up with the preacher’s insults.

“He is a wolf wearing the skin of a sheep,” said Mvana, because he preached the “wrong message to young children”.

Mvana said the preacher used to stand outside someone’s house and say “bad things’ about them.

“He once stood in front of my house and shouted that my husband is sleeping with our daughter. We don’t want him here because he creates tension and fighting in our families,” said Mvana.

Residents Nomangesi Siqobo, 42, said over the weekend the preacher stood in front of her house and shouted that she had hired men to kill her husband so she could sleep with other men.

“He is using God to insult us,” said Siqobo.

But a resident, who wished to remain anonymous for fear of intimidation, said: “I don’t understand why they have to demolish his shack. He has not mentioned any names. Those who know that what the preacher is saying is true are the one who are demolishing his shack and want him out of the area because they know there is more news coming.”

Attempts to find the preacher were fruitless as he had fled Philippi and no-one knew where he had gone. — West Cape News

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