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Thursday April 15th 2021

Houses in their thousands for Delft residents

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4 Responses to “Houses in their thousands for Delft residents”

  1. RYErnest says:

    Nice post u have here πŸ˜€ Added to my RSS reader

  2. Charlotte Webster says:

    We moved in Roosendal 7 years ago. The man who sold the house to us is not the owner, but the owner rented the house to him, and the house was in a bad state. There was no toilet pot, the walls were written on, and the man who rented the house had to put safety gates on. What I’m trying to say is the man sold the house to us for R6000.00 because he bought stuff to fix the house. He tried to get hold of the owner, but he failed because no one can get hold off this man. We stated our situation to the housing people that was there at the civic. They took our statement, but we never received any feedback. We have already fenced the yard for we have small kids, and renovated. What can we do, because this man is off the planet, we can’t find him.

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  4. gaynor says:

    we the roosendal pp got this project going we were lied to we had to give our id nr for this project to start every month we had meethings for the last 5 years sendding before this project started they told us pp will only moved in in 2017 thats why eskom did not put the power on as well as they to the same news as us 2017 but we in roosendal was told this housesing project is for us we all stand together sending our id nr to housing but we where lied to u guys used us to get what u wanted we all on waithing list aswell no u say that list u dont now of

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