News agency, Cape Town, South Africa
Wednesday August 10th 2022

Township residents score from Knysna’s ‘FanSquare’

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2 Responses to “Township residents score from Knysna’s ‘FanSquare’”

  1. Hmm. Someone should have told them this event’s also a South African event. Not just French and Danish. But then, Thesen Island doesnsn’t really want to be in South Africa, does it?

  2. Anoria says:

    The workers were paid 25c per flower not 65c as this article states and at the end of the project they were cheated out of a lot of money in the pretence that they had made too many flowers and didn’t follow instruction. I was a part of this project and can truthfully say that people worked hard but did not get their just rewards. Thesen Island cheated people.

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