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Monday July 22nd 2019

Train derails on World Cup kickoff day

Sandiso Phaliso

Workers see to a train that derailed on the Khayelitsha-Cape Town line on Friday morning, stranding some commuters by up to three hours. Photo: Sandiso Phaliso/WCNCommuters were frightened by the derailment of a 12-carriage Metrorail train heading to Cape Town on the Khayelitsha line early on Friday morning.

The accident happened at dawn of World Cup kickoff day, between the Stock Road and Philippi train station. Witnesses claim the packed train lost control when it come out of Stock Road train station.

Apparently it derailed because the driver wanted to change lines, resulting in commuters down the line being stranded for up to three hours, until about 9am. Authorities said there were no injuries and they are investigating what happened.

The train was left divided into two pieces, with it being decoupled between the fifth and seventh carriages.

Nomakhaya Bhulu, 34, who said she was inside the train when the “crash” occurred. “I thought the train was exploding and from the seat I fell on the ground and the train quickly stopped.

“We jumped out and later found out that the train derailed. It was not a good experience and still I am shaken.”

“It was lucky that no one was seriously injured to be taken to hospital,” she said.

Amanda Khunjulwa, 25, said she was waiting for the train in Philippi station when she heard a “bang” and after a few minutes saw people jumping out of the carriages. “I ran to see for myself and saw people running out of the train. There was a thick smoke and I had thought the train was on fire,” she said.

An official of Metrorail, who directed media inquiries to Riana Scott, only said official were alerted and ensured the derailment wouldn’t disrupt further daily operations.

He said the train on the Khayelitsha Cape Town line were damaged, delaying services.

Scott had not replied by the time of going to press.

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