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Thursday September 19th 2019

No sex please, we’re watching soccer

Yugendree Naidoo


Sex workers and strip club owners in Cape Town say soccer fans don't seem to be interested in sex. Photo: Neil Baynes/WCN

It appears the perception that sex workers would do brisk business during the World Cup was a misconception, in Cape Town at least, as both local and foreign males appear to only have eyes for Jabulani the soccer ball.

Strip clubs and sex workers say rather than a rise in trade, business has slowed down since the beginning of the tournament.

Twenty seven-year-old sex worker Liezel Roberts laughed when asked whether business had picked up during the World Cup.

“What business? I don’t think any of us have seen a tourist yet.

“I don’t even think any of us have a R100 in our pocket from a tourist,” she said.

Strip clubs have also not seen any increase in turnover.

“It’s been shockingly very quiet because men are rather interested in watching the matches,” said Gregory Fedele owner of Teasers strip club in Cape Town.

“I suspect it’s because none of the teams are based in the city so the fans would only spend two days at most just to watch the game before heading out again.”

He said it was possible fans had very little money left for entertainment after they had booked their tickets, paid for flights and accommodation.

“These guys came as soccer fans so they want to watch the players instead at pubs and bars, if they not going to the stadium itself.”

Manageress of gentlemen’s resort Cape Ranch, who only wanted to be identified as Anne, said business had not picked up since the World Cup.

Chicago Gentlemen’s Club owner Philip said business is as usual and nothing extraordinary.

“It’s the usual crowd despite advertising over the internet ahead of the World Cup,” he said.

An employee at the A5 Star Agency Paradise Penthouse said there had been only one foreign guest making enquiries about the place.

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