News agency, Cape Town, South Africa
Sunday October 2nd 2022

Station traders enjoy World Cup afterglow

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4 Responses to “Station traders enjoy World Cup afterglow”

  1. Sandiso says:

    It is noce that the City of Cape Town has revamped the Cape Town station. It looks beautiful than ever and we hope it is maintained and stay clean as it is now. Peter Luhanga, journalist from West Cape News, keep us updated so we may know if the station is not kept clean by whoever is supposed to clean it.
    Now i can take my siblings via the Cape Town station with no hustles, compared to before, when i felt embarrased walking with them in the previous dirty station.

  2. Linda says:

    what are the contact details for the Station Deck Management office if one wants to rent those stalls

  3. admin says:

    You can try phoning Spoornet and asking for their property managing division Intersite or phone the City of Cape Town. Numbers are in the phone book.
    – Ed

  4. najwa de vries says:

    Could u pls supply a contact no or online application forms asap..n how long after application do we wait?

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