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Friday June 22nd 2018

Mom haunted by son dug up from the grave

Fundiswa Maphini holds a picture of her dead son Simamkele. Photo: Peter Luhanga/WCNA Cape Town mother says she is being haunted by the spirit of her dead four-year-old son whose corpse was dug up from the Maitland Cemetery and dumped at the door step of a Du Noon orphanage on Monday August 2.

Bereaved mother Fundiswa Maphini says she also does not have the money to bury her son a second time after his death in April this year.

Her son, Simamkele died suddenly on April 12 of an unknown illness after he was taken to hospital.

She said after grieving for her son, seeing his coffin reappear on someone else’s doorstep broke her heart all over again.

“When my child died I learned to accept it but when I saw the coffin back my heart got broken again. I don’t know what to do. I loved my son, he brought joy to my life. I don’t know who brought the coffin back.”

She said burying Simamkele on April 22 cost her R6,000. Unemployed, she had to borrow some of the money from  lenders and could not afford to bury him again.

Maphini broke into sobs, saying: “I don’t have money to bury my son twice. I don’t have money at all.”

She said she told police they must take care of her son’s corpse.

“They (police) can do anything… they can burn the corpse or do whatever they feel like doing with it.” But she said if she had the money she would ensure he got another proper burial and was able to rest in peace as he was now haunting her dreams.

Meanwhile, Tozi Gonya, the woman from the house where the body was placed, fled the township under police escort after residents, accusing her of witchcraft, threatened to set her house alight.

Gonya was at the time taking care of six children.

Two of them fled with her while the Cape Town Child Welfare’s Du Noon branch has accommodated the other four.

Kensington Police spokesperson Warrant Officer Ntombi Nqunqeka said police were still investigating a case of violation of a grave and no arrests had yet been made.

Nqunqeka said the child’s body was being kept at the state mortuary in Salt River. – Peter Luhanga, West Cape News

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3 Responses to “Mom haunted by son dug up from the grave”

  1. LISA V says:

    I do find it strange that residents would chase one of their own out of the camp because they believed she was involved in witchcraft. This culture has practiced witchraft for centuries, research their witch doctors and sangoma’s. Tozi is well known and well liked and did a fine job in the new safehouse looking after the children. How sad it is when one has the revelation that these children in du Noon are part of our future, we donate to them, feed them, medicate and clothe them and put them in safehouses only to have that taken from them by their own culture, now that is beyond belief. The story the mother tells about her dead child being exhumed and that Tozi did it needs to be looked at in greater detail, the word in du Noon is that the mother dug up her own child on the instruction of a witch doctor and was told to place the coffin and dead child on the stoep of the safehouse. A full investigation into the mother is the order of the day. We hear rumours(straight out of du Noon) that she was extremely jealous of what she believed Tozi had gained(safehouse, furniture, food etc). Anyone that knows Tozi would ask the question, where would she get time to do that, how would she travel with a dead child, who would look after the 6 children in the safehouse if she had done that, and lastly what motive could she possibly have had to do it? Tozi had a home, food, furniture, Tozi had it made. Supporters of the safehouse are well acquainted with Tozi for years now and don’t believe she could be involved in digging up the woman’s dead child.
    Last but not least and a revelation, each one is given free agency by God to do good or evil, this culture should be left alone to destroy their future, any way they see fit.
    What a heartsore for these 6 children to finally have a roof over their heads (they lived in a container)and food on the table, to have it taken away by their own culture. To continue to support them after this has happened is to make a serious statement that “it is fine that you do what you do”, here’s another donation. I don’t think so.

  2. admin says:

    Hi Lisa
    Thank you for your comment.
    Yes, there are many unanswered questions and we have been told a number of rumours and gathered a lot of hearsay. We have deliberately not reported these because they are unsubstantiated and publishing them would not only be unethical but slanderous to boot.
    We will continue to watch this story. The bottom line is that an unusual criminal act (grave robbery) has been committed and we will continue to ask the police what their investigations uncover.
    Best regards,

  3. Andrea says:

    The problem is if we give up the children suffer (again) and the devil has won – we need to show them the way..

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