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Friday September 30th 2022

City refurbishes Hanover Park council flats

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2 Responses to “City refurbishes Hanover Park council flats”

  1. Bilqees Jardien says:

    I have seen the outcome of this project and it is amazing. Tenants are showing much more pride in their homes now,especially the tenants in Pelican court!Mashallah mense…I know that they will look after their flats. Good work!!! πŸ™‚

  2. Nathier Johnson says:

    Is it at all pssible that we can be kept updated about the progress of the project and can anyone please upload some pictures as to what the completed units will look like once completed.
    How safe are the temporary accomodations and the storage facillities that will house our belongings while we are away at work.
    Are there any telephone lines availible for those who need them for work purposes.

    I hope the people of Hanover Park appretiate the upgrade to there housing and hope that it motivates them to want to upgrade there living conditions as well.
    The people of Havover park Lack pride and self esteem, lets hope that this will restore some pride in them.

    Always hoping for the best.

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