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Thursday September 29th 2022

Pupils teach themselves while teachers strike

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  1. Shakila says:

    Hi there, I am a mother of 3, 2 of which is school going.
    I am totally appaulled by the fact that educators are striking. They earn a generous package and work under much better working conditions than the private sector.

    Besides earning a minimum gross salary of R160 614 p/a, they are entitled to an excellent pension package, medical aid, subsidiced for housing privilages. They receive 13th cheque bonuses, perfomance increases and annual increases.

    They are entitled to annual leave, sick leave, maternity leave, study leave, compassionate leave, family responsiblity leave, sabatical leave and sometimes even “depression leave” is granted. They are off every school holiday, public holidays and weekends. Their working hours are from 8am till 3pm and most schools close earlier on Fridays. They were the only work force that was on paid leave for the full duration of the World Cup.

    So tell me again why are they striking?????? I work in a private sector and some of them get paid much much much less than their nett salaries. Then we have to still cough up money when medical assistance is required as we dont have any medical benefits…..

    The only people suffering through this whole ordeal are the poor students and their parents. OMG! I cant even imagine what the 2010 matrics are going through.

    After all this the pressure will be on the kids with extremely heavy work loads and parents to help them at home. So are the parents also gonna receive some sort of allowance for doing the educators jobs for them?

    They are just pathetic. The teachers back in the day pursued a teaching career as they had a passion for it. The teachers of today is all about the money and the strike is proof there of. They dont give a damn about the childrens welfare and about how they progress at school. All they care about is going to work every day with no interest at all but await patiently for the 15th of each month when their sms`s are received to confirm their salary is available.

    What a bunch of inconsiderate individuals do our country have as role models!!!!!

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