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Friday July 1st 2022

Saldanha Bay marketing a non-existent IDZ

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4 Responses to “Saldanha Bay marketing a non-existent IDZ”

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  2. elbandito says:

    It will ruin the whole area and dramatically increase crime!!!

  3. DVD786 says:

    The Saladanha IDZ is a very good economic development initiative once all aspects is taken into consideration which include and EIA process. I believe a proper framework development plan that support a sustainable environment will yield various job oportunities and help joblessness in the Saldanha area. The people of Saldanha need this it will provide much dignity and self esteem or respect which has long been awaited after various policical battles has taken place. Go Westgro go go!!!!

  4. Michael du Toit says:

    I believe that the Saldanha IDZ, will be good for this part of the Western Cape. We need to create jobs, and business oppurtunities. We need to get investors interested in this area and develop a sustainable environment for the locals and others who will be moving here, to make a living. We will achieve this goal successfully, if we plan and work at it together. Good going Westgro, Saldanhabay Municipality and others.

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