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Monday July 22nd 2019

Cape Town teacher goes it alone

Nceba Mananga has continued to prepare his grade 12 pupils at Du Noon's Inkwenkwesi Senior Secondary school for their upcoming maths exam. Photo: Peter Luhanga/WCN

Although all his fellow teachers have joined the public servants strike, Nceba Mananga has continued to prepare his grade 12 pupils for their upcoming maths exam.

And hearing of his continued classes, a number of grade 12 learners from other schools in the surrounding area have come to join Mananga’s classes at Inkwenkwezi Senior Secondary school in Cape Town’s Du Noon township.

Although the rest of the school was deserted on Thursday, Mananga’s classroom was a overflowing with eager learners as he taught all 168 grade 12 pupils taking maths at Inkwenkwesi, plus a handful of grade 12s who had traveled from Langa township to attend his lessons.

“Last year, the school had an overall mathematics pass rate of 39 percent, which was very bad. I want to improve that,” he said.

“I’m teaching. I’m not striking. I saw the need for the learners to be helped. Maths is a critical subject where you can’t afford to miss a class. If you do miss a couple of classes you won’t finish the syllabus.”

He said although he was not happy with what teachers were paid, “it’s not something that will make me stay away from my classes”.

He said he’d only been intimidated once since the beginning of the public servants strike last week when union members toyi-toyied and picketed outside the school.

The grade 12 pupils heaped praise on Mananga’s commitment to teaching them.

Milani Qebetu, 17, chair of the school’s Representative Council of Learners said they were fortunate that “one educator” was dedicated enough to carry on teaching them.

Qebetu said thanks to Mananga, he felt “ready to sit for the matric maths paper”.

While Mananga managed the huge number of learners, thousands of disgruntled public service workers marched through major cities across SA on the ninth day of a crippling strike which started on August 18.

The public servant unions are rejecting the state’s 7 percent salary increase and R700 housing allowance, demanding an 8.6 percent increase with a housing allowance of R1 000. — Peter Luhanga, West Cape News

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