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Sunday February 17th 2019

Toddler drowns in bucket of water

Phatiswo Koko holds up a photo of her neice Ntando, who drowned in a bucket of water on the weekend. Photo: Peter Luhanga/WCN

Tragedy struck a Du Noon family on the weekend when a toddler drowned in a bucket of water. Sixteen-month old Ntando Koko wandered off from where he was playing outside his aunt Phatiswo Koko’s shack in Siyahlala informal settlement on Saturday afternoon while his mother Bongiwe Koko was having an afternoon nap.A frantic search for Ntando found him upside down and drowned in a 25-litre bucket of water in nearby shack.

It appears Ntando toppled into the bucket and could not get out.

Speaking on Monday, Phatiswo, 22, said Ntando was left playing with friends at her home while her sister Bongiwe had gone to have a nap.

When Bongiwe woke up at about 6pm, she asked where her son was, at which point they discovered he was missing.

Neighbours were called and a door-to-door search conducted.

However, they did not have to look far – his legs were seen sticking out the top of a bucket in an open shack nearby.

Neighbor and community leader Dinilisizwe Libala said he was watching television when Bongiwe knocked on his door asking if he’d seen her son.

“I told her I hadn’t seen him. She was in tears. After some time they come back saying they found Ntando drowned. I called the Police,” said Libala.

He said police responded to call immediately and cordoned off the scene.

Milnerton Police Acting Station Commander Cornel Sutherland confirmed the incident.

Sutherland said detectives and the area sector commander were dispatched to the scene.

However, no foul play was suspected.

“We don’t suspect any foul play. Detectives did some investigations on Sunday. At this stage we can’t prove there is foul play involved.”

She said the shack in which Ntando drowned was open and there was no one inside at the time. — West Cape News

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