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Sunday September 15th 2019

’80 percent of RDP houses occupied illegally’

mandelaparkhouse_0Investigations by the provincial Human Settlement Department into the legality of occupancy of RDP houses in parts of Philippi and Khayelitsha were completed a week ago, but will only be released in a fortnight.It is believed the results could be incendiary.

One week after the month-long investigation began at the beginning of August, and after half the residents of RDP houses in Philippi’s Samora Machel area were interviewed, ward councillor Monwabisi Mbaliswano said preliminary findings were that about 80 percent of RDP houses were occupied illegally.

Mbaliswano said residents who received RDP houses often sold them in violation of the department’s pre-emptive rights clause preventing the sale of state-subsidised houses within eight years of occupation.

They sold them for a number of reasons, he said. Sometimes it was due to the poor building work, or it could be because they needed money to bury relatives or they wanted to move back to the Eastern Cape.

“We have found out that some of the beneficiaries had sold their houses and are now living in informal settlements and have re-registered in the housing department database,” he said.

Mbaliswano said most of the people who had bought RDP houses had no title deeds to prove it was their house, and only had affidavits from the police.

Department spokesperson Zalisile Mbali said the department wanted to engage with the relevant communities before making the results of their investigation public.

“The MEC has interrogated the information on the report and we will call the communities involved and tell them of the findings before we can comment any further,” said Mbali.

“We are happy that the survey has been completed because now we know who we are dealing with and what we will need to do.”

Asked whether the department would evict illegal occupants, he said: “We will know what we will do once we have talked with the communities involved.” – Sandiso Phaliso, West Cape News

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  1. nokonwaba says:

    Dear human settlement department,I wanted to ask a question,I’m a beneficially for a house in khayelithsa the house was for my mom who passed away in 1998,so in 2011 I received her house after going up and down trying to get it,I’m the firstborn of 4kids so now the problem is I got married and had to move away from home and my brothers are in pretoria at school so I put people to rent meanwhile my brothers are still busy studying,now the comitee of the area is influancing those people to take that house from us,I came to a point that rather than loosing our inheritance I should sell the house then split the money into 4,but then again it has not been up to 8years the house has been build so what can you advice me because I’m really scared of just loosing it just like that,I will rather have to eat the money then know we ate the house for our mother,beacuse I’m just 28 and my brothers are younger we don’t stand a chance of winning those people.

  2. Mamoeti says:

    if i did apply for RDP house then where i have to check that my house still in prosess or is out.

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