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Tuesday September 27th 2022

Social workers burdened by drug abuse

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  1. SUNET SMIT says:

    I Actually want to know how do we go about getting my fiances daughter from her mother who lives in Cape town. The Daughter lives with her mother but we know she is doing drugs. She has now applied for maintenance through the Court. My fiance is paying her R200 a week but we don’t know if the child is getting anything from that money. The first week we paid money in her account the mother had already left the child on the Thursday at an aunt’s place. She regularly leaves the child there for a week or so and then goes on her drugspree or partyspree however you want to put it. The child who is only 6 years old regularly phones her dad and tells him that mommy has left me again by aunty Maureen. It’s usually for a week or more especially over weekends. We are worried that the child has no stability and might be seeing the drug use. We also don’t know if any of the money we send is being used for the child or for drugs. If there is a way for us to help or get the child or if you have details of someone who can help us please let me know. Me and my fiance have a child together and he is a reaaly great dad to our child and my son from a previous marraige. We would really love for the child to come and live with us. Please help or give advice as of what we can do. We only want what is best for our children.

  2. admin says:

    I suggest you approach the Social Development offices.
    I hope you manage to sort the situation out.
    – Ed

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