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Wednesday June 19th 2019

Khayelitsha man stabbed for not folding his friend’s shirt

Avuya Mhlahlo says he was stabbed eight times by a 'friend' after he refused to fold his shirt for him. Photo: Nombulelo Damba/WCN

A Khayelitsha man accused of stabbing his friend eight times last Saturday for refusing to fold his shirt, had to flee the township after the community wanted to mete out some people’s justice.Instead, another friend who was present at the time of the alleged stabbing, Luvo Tomose, had to face the music at a community meeting on Tuesday night.

Stabbing victim Avuya Mhlahlo, 20, was admitted at Tygerberg Hospital on Saturday last week and was discharged on Wednesday.

The community of Harare Section 33, where the stabbing took place, intended to interrogate Tomose and Kwanele Feku – who allegedly stabbed Mhlahlo in a fit of drug-induced anger – as to what happened and decide on appropriate punishment.

But Feku fled the area while Tomose had to deal with the consequences.

A crowd of almost 100 angry community members wanted to beat Tomose on Tuesday night for party to the stabbing, but some sympathetic residents called the police, who saved Tomose by taking him into custody.

Community leaders asked the police to keep in the holding cells until Feku was found.

Feku’s father, Vayi Feku, said his son had packed his bags and disappeared.

An eyewitness who was in the house when Mhlahlo was stabbed, said she was behind a curtain dividing a room in which they had all been drinking.

She said when she came back into the room she saw Mahlahlo was bleeding from his hand.

She said Mhlahlo asked for a bandage and when she returned with the bandage, Feku “was stabbing Avuya (Mhlahlo)”.

“Then he gave the knife to Luvo (Tomose) to do the finishing.”

She said Tomose then stabbed Mhlahlo once before hitting him over the head with a bottle.

Interrogated by the residents on Tuesday, Tomose denied stabbing Mhlahlo, claiming he was outside when the incident happened. – Nombulelo Damba, West Cape News

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