News agency, Cape Town, South Africa
Thursday September 29th 2022

Traditional stick fighting revived in the city

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3 Responses to “Traditional stick fighting revived in the city”

  1. vincent says:

    Could I get the contact details of the Ziph’ inkunzi Stick-Fighting Club.
    I would like to get in touch with them. I have been working for an ngo based in logo called CPBM, which promotes traditionnal Xhosa culture, and had their EZETHU show recently presented at the artscape.
    I would like to get involved.


  2. vincent says:

    Sorry The NGO is based in Langa not logo (typing mistake)

  3. nhlanhla mkhonza says:

    ma Nguni amahle i like these game becuose it show us our tradition. ancient tradition connected to African cattle herding societies and generally speaking wherever you go on the sub continet if there are cows you’ll find stick fight bathi zulu uyasabeka

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