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Tuesday August 16th 2022

Dewani killing: Hiring a hitman in South Africa

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  1. Steph says:

    I think one very important fact when Shrien was asked for the registration number of the taxi ,Shrien replied ‘I will have to ring home for it’. Max Clifford, this weekend tried to spin his way out of this by now saying Shrien had to ring home for Tongos telephone number.

    All of this talk about Shrien saying he was a travel agent to achieve a large discount, he must have had some proof that he did indeed work for a travel agent…This is where Alivta comes into the picture., she works for a travel agency, did she give him some kind of ID ?..The secretary of Shrien has been reported as saying the car and the trip were booked at the same time…(VITAL INFORMATION) this would mean the hit was arranged in London… Again I ask was the trip booked through Alvita, the daughter in law of Heather? Dr Poxs widow, Heather also in England and also using the services of Max Clifford.????? I believe the two murders are connected but not through Shrien, I believe Shrien knew of the carjacking from Alvita and her husband, Dr.Pox’s son, they could not have failed to discuss this tragic event. This information is so vital and I am sure SA police are looking into this.

    I also find the fact that Shriens clothes were not ruffled or that he did not bear the marks of scratches…not from the killers but from his wife Anni…Anni he claims was clinging to him and screaming..Anni had long nails if I were clinging to my husband in such a desperate way I would have left my scratches all over him…Anni also liked to wear a lot of make – up, Shriens clothes would or should have been covered with her make up and black mascara marks from her crying.

    Preyen Dewani is doing too much talking and I would like to know how he knew the best lawyer and IP Dave Miller just by googling a page. Also where did Preyen get the idea Anni had been shot three times? I think the IP Dave Miller was known through the husband of Alvita, Dr.Poxs son or from Heather which would mean Heather knew of the car/jack that night and suggested they contact Dave Miller. Why would anyone be even thinking of IP’s in a foreign country and moments after the event…it makes no sense. It only makes sense if this was set up in London.

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