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Tuesday March 26th 2019

Spaza spat in Du Noon

A spat over customers has broken up between two Du Noon spaza shops across the road from each other. Photo: Peter Luhanga/WCN

A spat between two foreign owned spaza shops has erupted in Du Noon as competition over customers heats up.

Two weeks ago Zimbabwean Thobekile Dube, 34, opened up her Why Not spaza shop in Du Noon’s Cosmos street right across the road from the Somali-owned spaza shop Sun Cash store.

However, Dube is the only spaza in Du Noon to sell electricity and so she has long queues of customers outside her store.

It appears the Somali shop owners got jealous.

Dube said soon after she opened her shop, the owners of Sun Cash store threatened her, telling her that she could not run a shop on the same street.

She said she felt so threatened that she called the Police, who warned the owners of Sun Cash store that if Dube’s shop was looting, or if anything happened to it, they would be the first suspect.

But she said Somali shop owner did not stop, and offered money to her landlord if she would evict her from the building she rented.

Her landlord, Nokwakha Mondreki, 34, confirmed that she was approached by the Somali shop owner and was offered money to evict her tenant.

Mondreki said the Somali shop owner said if they evicted Dube he would rent the room for R800 per month.

She said the Somali shop owner had complained that his business was “stuck” while Dube’s business was flourishing.

“I told him that I don’t need his money,” said Mondreki.

On a visit to the shop, a man behind the counter who identified himself as Hassan Muhammed, said there was no intention to fight with the Why Not spaza, but said the owner was in Bellville and provided a contact number.

Upon calling the owner for comment, he hung up without providing his name. — Peter Luhanga, West Cape News

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