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Tuesday August 16th 2022

CPUT brought to a standstill by student protests

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2 Responses to “CPUT brought to a standstill by student protests”

  1. I am a cput student says:

    I believe these political organisations have their own self interests and agendas in mind and are taking advantage of students who have financial insecurities and playing on these insecurities to rally their support, so they can throw their weight around and make a name for themselves within the political ‘elite’ of this country.
    the reason why I say this is because pasma (or any other ‘representative party’ ) has never once asked me how I feel about the situation or whether I agree with the disruption of classes or the physical intimidation of fellow students.
    I believe they should be removed from our universities,
    they have no respect for education
    they have no regard for the sustainable development of our country.

  2. anathi says:

    “financial insecurities” lol….

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