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Monday July 22nd 2019

Ousted congregation members form their own church

Pastor Zwelidumile Mbane, who runs the Liwaphakade Church in Mfuleni, has barred 12 members of his congregation after they attended an event at his ex-wife's church. Photo: WCN

Pastor Zwelidumile Mbane has lost another ten members of his congregation after he banned 12 members from attending his church after they attended a women’s praise event at his ex-wife’s church.

After 12 members of the Liwalaphakade church in Mfuleni were kicked out by the pastor two weeks ago after they attended a women’s event at his ex-wife’s church, they have started their own congregation.

The 12 women, whose family members were also banned by Pastor Zwelidumile Mbane, were joined by further ten members of his congregation at their first meeting in a shack in Makhaza on Sunday.

Sphiwo Ndita, 46, whose wife was one of the 12 banned from Liwalphakade church by Mbane, as reported here last week, said his wife and 11 others were told by Mbane that they were no longer welcome in his church after they attended a women’s praise event at his ex-wife Margaret Mbane’s church on July 12.

The women said the argument between Mbane and his ex-wife had nothing to do with them.

Ndita said Mbane promised to meet with the group of 12 last Monday but failed to arrive.

“We had no choice but to open our own church. We can’t stop spreading the word of God because of him (Mbane).”

He said a further ten members from Mbane’s church joined them on Sunday and he believed more would join.

“We will remain Liwphakade Church, but we will fix what went wrong.”

A church member who would only identify herself as Sibongile said although she was not banned by Mbane, what he did “was not good”.

“His words have turned back on him. You can’t say divorce is not allowed then be the first one to get divorced. If he was not happy he should have called a meeting so we can talk about this,” said Sibongile.

Mbane said he was “not surprised” the members had opened their own church.

“I knew it’s what they wanted to do from start. I called them so that we can talk but they never bothered to come, that shows they wanted to build their own church.” — Nombulelo Damba

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