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Sunday February 17th 2019

School principal killed for asking too many questions

AN acting school principal in Gugulethu was killed due to her “constant investigation into missing school funds” the Cape High Court heard yesterday.

Testifying before court, Crime Intelligence Unit informant Lindile Nkewu said he, together with accused couple Vuyisile Ndzumeka and Yalezwa Ndzumeka devised a plan to kill acting principal of Sthembele Matiso High, Nomziwoxolo Ndziba, as Vuyisile, who was financial advisor at the school at the time, could not go to work as Ndziba was asking questions about missing funds.

Vuyisile had been on sick leave, the court heard and “the plan to kill came after he (Vuyisile) was pressured and told to come back to the school to answer about the missing funds,” Nkewu told Judge Andries Smit.

According to Nkewu, Vuyisile told him if he returned to the school bank statements would be required.

Producing these, or failing to produce them, would reveal evidence that school money was missing.

Vuyisile and his wife Yalezwa Ndzumeka face charges of murdering Ndziba, who was shot outside her school office on August 24, 2009, by co-accused Luvo Nketho who they allegedly hired as a hitman.

The couple and Nketho are also charged with the murder of Bongani Dingana on June 17, 2009 after the Ndzumeka’s allegedly took out a life insurance policy in his name, to which they were the beneficiaries.

The Ndzumeka’s also face a list of fraud charges relating to the killings.

In testimony related to the killing of Ndziba, 33-year-old Nkewu told the court that on August 24, 2009, he drove accused Luvo Nketho to the school in an attempt to kill Ndziba.

Describing events, Nkewu said he and Nketho got a call from the Ndzumeka’s that Ndziba was at the school and “it was the right time to kill her”.

According to Nkewu, this happened after a thorough background check of Ndziba of “where she lives, what time she leaves work and where she socialises”.

After driving past the school Nkewu and Nketho saw Ndziba leave her office, walk in the direction of her parked car, and then turn around and return to her office.

Ndziba was in the company of an unknown woman, Nkewu said.

“Luvo went inside (the school) and I heard two gunshots. He came back running and jumped in the back seat of the car and I drove away,” Nketho said.

He said he then drove Nketho to a hiding place in Paarl before getting rid of the car.

He said he decided to alert the police about his role in the killing because “could not live with the fact that the principal was killed for nothing”.

Nkewu also told the court how the Ndzumeka’s had financed his illegal ATM card skimming operation.

He said the Ndzumeka’s had given him R13 500 to purchase the system he used to rob unsuspecting ATM users.

According to Nkewu, Vuyisile Ndzumeka bought two “grabber and writers” for R6 000 each and a laptop costing R1 500.

He said he would get hold of a person’s card, swipe it through the grabber and store the information on the laptop. The writer would then duplicate the card. — Sandiso Phaliso


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