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Tuesday August 16th 2022

City ordered to talk to Gugulethu hostel families

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2 Responses to “City ordered to talk to Gugulethu hostel families”

  1. Nombeko says:

    I would like to advise the city to re alocate the residents to a nearest place were they wilbe able to see the development and identify the land as they city did in Heidaveld side i believe there’s is flats upgrading is happening in Heidaveld people are given temporary village close to flat why they cant do the same to them is just becouse they are Africans if no please do the same .when i read this story these people are scared to be robe there land and they are asking is the time frame of the renovation cause they dont want to stay in TRA for life . As they stated that the are also old people staying the others are 87yr old . They know it very clear that the area is healthy it can fall anytime but if we can look at the Mfuleni TRA they are mutch better than Blekkiesdorp , in Masonwabe the is a cleaning water and inside toilet and Blekiesdorp backet system and yhe place is not safe at all , The Delf TRA theres no electricity give what they want the city must identify the land in the same area and provide TRA like the ones in Heidaveld and Mfuleni and they can put at the backyards on Sandile Park and the small land tha was used as a creche I thank you

  2. Nombeko says:

    I mean Masonwabe Park is unhealthy please .

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