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Thursday September 19th 2019

Du Noon residents get proactive in the fight against crime

Fed up with high levels of crime, some residents in Cape Town’s Du Noon Township are patrolling their neighbourhood streets in order to keep their community safe.

About 30 residents men and women have volunteered to fight crime in the township and received training from the provincial Department of Safety and Security last week where they learnt how to police their streets and react when confronting a suspected criminal, said Nomafu Ximaya, the department’s community training programme manager.

Milnerton Community Policing Forum (CPF) chairman Andile Peter said the high levels of crime in the area led the CPF to strategising with the department on ways to combat crime.

It was decided to form a neighbourhood watch and 30 people were identified by the community to patrol their streets.

He said those identified had to first be checked to ensure they had never been involved in criminal activity.

“It’s not easy to be accepted in that programme as there’s verification check,” said Peter.

The 30 volunteers will be provided with uniforms as well as two-way radios to alert the police once they confronted a suspected criminal, he said.

But, he said, the volunteers could not apprehend and or beat up a suspected criminal unless when they were being attacked.

“There should be no physical contact with the criminals but if they are attacked they will have to fight back,” he said.

20-year-old Yandisa Yaphi is one of the 30 volunteers who took part in the training.

Yaphi said the levels of crime in Du Noon Township compelled her to join the neighbourhood watch.

“You can’t go anywhere at anytime. There are people who are killing people. Even when you want to go to your brother’s house you can’t go anytime you want,” said Yaphi.

She said she the training taught her “a lot of things about crime that I didn’t know”.

Ximaya said crime in Du Noon was higher than that in surrounding areas but what was interesting was that residents wanted to do something to reduce it.

“This (neighbourhood watch) is what they thought would assist greatly in minimising crime,” said Ximiya.

She said her department had spent about R30 000 to train the volunteers, money that covered accommodation, transport and food. — Peter Luhanga


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