News agency, Cape Town, South Africa
Tuesday September 27th 2022

Mavericks fights against being stripped of exotic dancers

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3 Responses to “Mavericks fights against being stripped of exotic dancers”

  1. jackie says:

    Deport the whole lot of them there is far to much sex trafficking, it is filthy industry.
    Well done home affairs put them in there place, and shut them down.

  2. Timothy says:

    Firstly Jackie, one should never congratulate someone who is not performing. So to say well done to a clearly incompetent department is a little off the mark.

    Secondly, and most importantly; To refer to Mavericks dancers as sex trafficked individuals without research and facts to back these allegations up is extremelly ignorant. My wife is a Mavericks dancer, we know most of the Mavericks dancers personally, and I assure you that none of those girls are doing what they are doing against their will. Indeed most of them are a lot more succesful, both financially and personally, than most of the ignorant few that seem to believe that the Mavericks girls are somehow being forced to work against their will. I feel that instead of judgeing people for their careers we need to be more cognisent of the diversity representitive across our democracy, and stop crying foul if we have a moral issue with regards to something. Rather lets spend our time and effort purging our Country of the actual criminals for example the countless escorts boldly advertising there services on the web and in our newspapers. Escorting (sex for money) is illegal and is an unregulated industry. If anything the actual sex/human trafficking is taking place in this sector and NOT at a succesfull strip club in Cape Town, a walking distance from the home affairs offices I might add.

    Lastly….. Sex trafficking refers to women or men being trafficked for the act of sex for money…. Stripping is not sex….. Stripping is not illegal….. So please stop refering to Mavericks girls as girls being sex trafficked…

  3. Dan says:


    You are a liar. I spoke this morning with a girl whose “agent” sent her to Mavericks. She flew there from another country. The first thing the club did was to illegally demand her passport. She refused to give it to them. All of her “customers” requested oral sex. Doing so would have been the only way to make enough money to pay all of the fees that the club charged. In the end, she had to sneak out and leave the country.

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