News agency, Cape Town, South Africa
Wednesday August 10th 2022

Artist mugged, then arrested after approaching police for assistance

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2 Responses to “Artist mugged, then arrested after approaching police for assistance”

  1. saturnz says:

    totally disgusting, if the most senior of police are incompetent and engaged in corruption (Selebi and now Cele) then what else can be expected from officials below

  2. Shani J says:

    What kind of answer is that Mr Lieutenant Colonel Helgard Grundling ? It was absolutely shocking to hear this story. Here is an artists who was beautifying a very degraded place
    and all he gets in return is a mugging and brutal police treatment? I have also experienced bad policing from the Muizenberg Police station, a house robbery occurred late last year where 3 bikes were stolen – a case was open and since I reported sight of the 3 bikes in Lavenderhill, yet the police refused to follow up. Strange how our tax money is going to these departments that do nothing for the community in need.

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