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Wednesday June 26th 2019

Car crash footage online in bid to prevent festive season fatalities

Footage of car crashes captured by CCTV cameras is being posted online by the provincial Department of Transport in a bid to shock motorists into driving safely this festive season. Photo: Steve Kretzmann/WCN

Real CCTV footage of motor crashes on Western Cape roads has been made available to the public by the provincial transport department in an effort to bring home to motorists the consequences of speed and reckless and drunken driving.

The Crash Witness Campaign, which was launched on Tuesday, can be accessed on the department’s Safely Home’s new web platform at

Addressing media in the ministry’s boardroom, Transport MEC Robin Carlisle said the decision to publish the footage was a “very difficult” one but that doing so would have a “profound effect” on viewers. “I believe that seeing the reality in these videos can get people to slow down, to not drink and drive, to buckle up, to leave their cellphones alone, and to watch out for pedestrians. By doing so, they will not only save lives, but will give meaning to the otherwise senseless deaths that occur so routinely on our roads,” he said.

Carlisle said prior to publicizing the footage, the next of kin of the victims of the crashes and the survivors were approached.

The footage, some of which contains graphic clips, will be released gradually over the festive season with new footage released on a weekly basis. Carlisle said public comment would be welcomed and encouraged, with viewers being able to email any comments or feedback to the department.

The Safely Home website will be launched in phases with the first phase being the introduction of the Crash Witness Campaign and the second phase will see the introduction of an accident reporting tool to which viewers can report any road accidents.

Provincial Transport Ministry Head, Hector Elliot, said the department was considering distributing pamphlets on the Crash Witness Campaign at roadblocks, for those who have no access to the internet. He said the site would also be made available on mobile phones and that they would also consider making the footage available to taxi drivers following a suggestion by a reporter. Taxis account for ten percent of road fatalities, while fifty percent of fatalities are caused by young middle class men of all races, who drive “fast and expensive” cars, said Carlisle. “This is the central problem. In most of these cases, they are speeding or drunk or both,” he said. — Fadela Slamdien


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5 Responses to “Car crash footage online in bid to prevent festive season fatalities”

  1. Sifiso says:

    This is an opportunity for the department to leave a real impression on the dangers of speeding and reckless driving on peoples minds because many people including myself think that it will never happen to them. I now realise that it can happen to anyone and affect the innocent. Lets obey the rules of the Road People. Good job to the department this will change and save lives

  2. car news says:

    sounds very alarming, let us together supporting each other in order to create the feel safe on the streets of any later

  3. Doubtful says:

    it is a good idea, the problem remains – will it work? The first thing I thought when I heard the news was, there will be plenty of new phones at Cash Crusaders…

    The corruption and dodginess of our own Police make this a disaster waiting to happen… There are to many holes and gaps in this policy in my opinion.

    Will see What happens I guess, for now just glad I don’t drive!!!

  4. Doubtful says:

    –> comment for the new cellphone policy …

  5. Luke says:

    Too many lives shattered by these traffic deaths to worry about using shock tactics to wake people up to the dangers.

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