News agency, Cape Town, South Africa
Friday September 30th 2022

Train torched – striking security guards suspected

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  1. L. van Minnen says:

    We as the Rail Commuter Action Group have been telling metrorail for over 8 years and through many court cases that their employment of D and E grade guards was a waste of time and money.
    These untrained guards were employed because they cost less then trained security personnel.
    CEO of PRASA states that these guards can not be trusted to look after the assets of metrorail yet these very same guards were “trusted” by PRASA/metrorail to protect the commuters who made use of the rail system all these years. A bit ironic me thinks.
    This action is not going to stop.
    The government,just as with most other state departments and para-statals, has left it too late. With the amount of fraud,theft,corruption and mismanagement there is never going to be enough funds to sort out the mess that is metrorail.

    Chairman rail Commuters Action Group
    Fighting for safety on Trains

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