News agency, Cape Town, South Africa
Tuesday September 27th 2022

Hospital will not be closed, says MEC

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  1. Maofela Rothedi says:

    i like the idea of kdf by complaining because there is a corruption in government employment because even now with this matter i did apply but because i didn’t pay R500 up front to open the door for me we have been told that two boxes full of our application form have been destroyed througth the oil,my questin is where did oil come from? because we didn’t throw in the box we were doing hand to hand and they were checking the forms.they have to answer for this and when they are going to stop to do this? I think for government to employ fairly for Cape town,Gautng must do the interviews and for Gauteng, Cape town must employ gauteng people because they don’t know what is what but they must follow the instructions.

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