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Saturday February 16th 2019

Wife in double murder trial denies hiring hitman

A woman on trial with her husband for hiring a hitman to murder two people strongly denied any role in the crimes when she was put in the dock in the Western Cape High Court yesterday.

One of the people who the couple are accused of taking a hit out on was 23-year-old Bongani Dingana, who was shot dead on June 17, 2009 – allegedly by co-accused Luvo Nketho – after the Ndzumeka’s took out a life insurance policy in his name. The court has heard they were paid out R180 000 after his death.

Murder accused Yalezwa Ndzumeka told the court she took the life insurance policy out in Dingana’s name with his mother Noluvuyo Dingana’s consent and had no intention of defrauding anyone.

She denied being involved in the planning of Dingana’s murder or paying anyone to kill him.

But Noluvuyo, in testimony last year, denied ever having given the consent Yalezwa claimed.

When confronted with this fact by state prosecutor Denyse Greyling, Yalezwa said she and Noluvuyo had some “disagreements” and Noluvuyo was not telling the truth.

She said she and Noluvuyo agreed that Noluvuyo would receive R10 000 from the insurance payout which Yalezwa had neglected to hand over, which was why Noluvuyo was implicating her in the murder of her son.

Yalezwa said Bongani was killed by gangsters he was involved with.

“Although he was quiet he lived the life of a gangster, was among gangs and sometimes his mother would tell me that there has been gangs that came to his house looking for him,” Yalezwa told presiding Judge Andries Smith.

She claimed Bongani was a member of a gang called The Soldiers.

The second murder charge which Yalezwa and her husband Vuyisile Ndzumeka face is for the killing of Sthembele Matiso High acting principal, Nomziwoxolo Ndziba on August, 24, 2009.

Ndziba was gunned down outside her office after she had begun probing financial irregularities at the school where Vuyisile worked as a financial officer.
Yalezwa also denied any involvement in Ndziba’s death. – Sandiso Phaliso

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