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Saturday February 16th 2019

Court to decide on guilt of Gugulethu murder trio

A Gugulethu couple and the alleged hitman they stand accused of hiring, will hear tomorrow whether they have been found guilty or not, following a three-year trial into the murder of a Gugulethu principal and a 23-year-old man from New Crossroads.

The couple, Vuyisile and Yalezwa Ndzumeka stand accused of hiring Luvo Nketho to kill Sithembele Matiso High school’s acting Principal, Nomziwoxolo Ndziba, after she began investigating financial irregularities at the school where Vuyisile was financial officer, and of killing 23-year-old Bongani Dingana, after they took out a life insurance policy in his name.

Ndziba was found dead outside her school office on the afternoon of August 24, 2009 after being shot in the back of the head.

Dingana, having survived a previous attempt on his life, was gunned down while walking down the street with friends on June 17, 2009.

In closing arguments yesterday, the defense attorneys for Vuyisile and Yalezwa both said the court should disregard the state witnesses’ versions of events in both murders as their clients stood by their plea that they were not guilty of the charges before them.

However, state prosecutor Denyse Greyling told presiding Judge Andries Smith that the testimonies of the accused were “not good enough” to convince the court of their innocence.

According to Greyling, the motive for ordering a hit on Ndziba was that she was probing into financial irregularities at Sithembele Matiso High school, while Dingana was killed in order for them to receive R180 000 from a life insurance policy in his name. Greyling believes Yalezwa took out two life insurance policies for Dingana, one during September and the other in March 2009.

Vuyisile’s legal representative, Marius Broeksma, argued that, in relation to the fraud charge connected to the life insurance policies, “he (Vuyisile) did not submit any claims and made no representations and there is no evidence that he submitted papers to the life insurance company”.

He said the testimony of two of Nketho’s accomplices who turned state witnesses should not be trusted by the court as they were not good standing members of the community and were self-confessed criminals.

Broeksma said the witnesses had a motive to implicate the accused as “they had agreed to testify against the accused to save their skins”.

Relating Dingana’s death, Broeksma said he was “not an innocent boy” but was involved in robbery and muggings. “It could be that someone else might have done (killed) him.”

Broeksma also argued that Ndziba was not popular at the school and there “were other people who wanted her out”.

Defense representing Yalezwa, Randall Titus, also discredited the two Section 204 state witnesses.

Relating the fraud charges against Yalezwa, Titus said the insurance company, Channel Life, testified that she did not have to be a family member to open a life insurance policy on Dingana’s behalf and thus she was not acting illegally. –  Sandiso Phaliso

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  1. Solomzi Mbalo says:

    The perpetrators of this horrible crime of monumental proportions must rot in jail and the key thrown into the nearest catchment area of the sea, Dziba was my class teacer who taught me IsiXhosa around 1993 at the very same school of Sthembele Matiso. She had a great level of intelligent and and skilled if not a gifted educator, may her wonderful soul find eternal rest.

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