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Saturday February 16th 2019

Sanco provincial structure a fraud, say regions

Duplicate structures of the South African National Civic Organisation (Sanco) exist in many branch districts in the province, as the provincial leadership elected at a Mossel Bay conference in October last year is not recognised by all regional structures in the Western Cape.

The 15 newly elected Western Cape Sanco officials were not recognised by the Peninsula region, said Peninsula region chair Sam Ndzunga on Sunday.

At the meeting held in Khayelitsha Site C called to try and clarify issues surrounding the duplication of branch committees, Ndzunga said the election for provincial positions on October 29 did not follow constitutional procedures and was dogged by nepotism.

With about 50 branches represented at the meeting on Sunday, Ndzunga said the Peninsula Region was not even aware that the elective conference was happening at the time.

“They took people from sheebeens and lovers to vote for them at the conference. As the region we were not invited, even national was not aware of the conference. Not a single region was invited to attend the conference, we do not recognise them as (representing the) province,” he said.

Sanco Peninsula Region head of local economic development Bongikhaya Qhama agreed with Ndzunga, reiterating that all four provincial regions had to be present at the conference for the elections to have been legitimate.

But Western Cape Sanco chair Mthwalo Mkutswana said the all four regions in the province, and the national structure was aware of the Mossel Bay conference and regional representatives were in attendance.

Mkutswana said the provincial officials met with all branches, regions and national structures prior to the impending conference, including national Sanco chair Rose Sonto.

He said the people who were now contesting the legitimacy of the October 29 conference were part of those meetings but failed to attend the provincial conference.

The infighting between regional and provincial structures has led to confusion on the ground.

In Ilitha Park residents have dissolved their branch and elected a new Sanco task team to represent them at Sanco meetings, and project committee.

But the secretary of the Sanco branches in Khayelitsha, Dalisile Mfazwe, said Ilitha Park task team was not recognised by the organisation.

Provincial Sanco acting secretary Nomvume Ralarala, who was not re-elected in October last year, said the new provincial structure confused people and caused trouble.

“This new structure was not audited, they just selected themselves, now they’re making our job difficult by visiting areas and presenting themselves as the new provincial Sanco,” said Ralarala.

National Spokesperson Dumisane Mthalane said he was “not ok” with the newly formed provincial structure.

“I was not invited by the general secretary. We do not have reports of the conference and it was not done properly,” he said.

Mthalane said the national structure would meet to discuss the matter. – West Cape News

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2 Responses to “Sanco provincial structure a fraud, say regions”

  1. Vusi Myeki says:

    SANCO Western Cape PEC had been saying confusion and shortsightedness can never overwhelm them. As we have been saying one can not mix oil with water, so is the the truth to lies. The SANCO Provincial structure under the leadership of Mthwalo Mkutswana and Vusi Myeki as chairperson and secretary respectively as per the mandate has a responsibility as a legitimate structure to strnghten the organisation and let it take its rightful place in the community of the Western Cape. Time has come that we do not entertain some forces who want to fulfill their shrewed and selfish interest by distabilising the organisation. We still maintin that SANCO in the Western Cape and National is, has never and will never be confused as the angels of darkness and the prophets of doom have been anticipating.

    We aspire to build united and strong communities where people live without fear!

  2. Yandisa says:

    Dear Sir/ Madam
    My name is Yandisa Mnqanqeni I’m newly SANCO. Leadership in Island in ward 35 ever since we were elected the Zone was surprise when their friends did not win against New Leadership and they never want to give us book about lots of things that we should take over from where they left off so any one who can find out why no one is caming back to us they even withdraw money when they were no longer working as a leadership and some of them are friends with top structure of Sanco. We want answers because the old leadership is fighting with us the New Leadership. And we are investigating the development of housing that they share among them selves so we need help soon.

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