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Thursday September 19th 2019

Two arrested over vigilante attacks

Bongani Choko (left) and Cikizwa Tshali mourn the death of their brother Anele Tshali who was killed by vigilantes on the weekend. Two men have been arrested for the killing. Photo: Sandiso Phaliso/WCN

Two people have been arrested and will appear at the Athlone Magistrates court tomorrow following a vigilante attack in Philippi that left one man dead and another critically injured.

The attack occurred at Philippi’s Siyahlala informal settlement this weekend by a group of residents who claimed they were terrorised by the two alleged housebreakers.
One of the suspected thieves, Anele Tshali, 24, was caught by a group of five men, interrogated, assaulted and beaten to death after he was dragged to an open field.

The second suspected thief managed to escape while being assaulted. Tshali’s family arranged for a taxi to take him to hospital as he was badly injured.

The two arrested men, who cannot be named until they appear in court, face charges of murder and attempted murder.

Police are still looking for the other three men who were believed to have taken part in the incident.

Anele Tshali’s sister Cikizwa Tshali, 20, said she was woken in the early hours of Saturday morning by people banging on the door. They kicked it open before she managed to get up, she said.

Her (now deceased) brother Anele was being held by five men.  Cikizwa said the men were asking Anele where various goods and appliances were and he pointed them out on the roof of the house.

“He was assaulted badly,” said Cikizwa. “They took him away and when I pleaded with them not to kill him they ignored my requests.  They took my phone when I tried to call the police,” she said.

Now admitting that her brother was a thief who broke into other people’s houses, she said she never thought he would be beaten to death.

“It is wrong to take the law into your own hands, rather report the crime to the police,” she said.

She said she was happy that two suspects had been arrested and she had gone to Nyanga police station to identify them.

“The people who did this to my brother must be prosecuted,” she said.

Anele’s elder brother Bongani Choko, 31, said the family knew the men who killed his brother.

“We have no sympathy for the people arrested as they did not show any pity for my brother.  They deserve to rot in jail,” he said. – Sandiso Phaliso


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