News agency, Cape Town, South Africa
Tuesday September 27th 2022

Fatal teenage gang fights see pupils pulling out of school

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2 Responses to “Fatal teenage gang fights see pupils pulling out of school”

  1. thembela says:

    we as easyway believe that school gang violence can and must never be is contagious to the surrounding students as well…realise that such incidents play a vital role in the dropping out of scholars,low pass rate,low concentration at school and back log in school work…to tackle such issues students must be searched going in and out of school..a radius of at least 300m of all affected schools must be patrolled,by foot,by car and bicycles..all suspicious individuals should be search for any weapons and all students who fear walking home should be walked home with a patrol gaurd…this is a temporal plan so as to catch involved culprits..if a child is violent he.she must not be allowed to disturb others at school…we are a company willing to help students learn freely,without fear of bieng killed or injured.

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