News agency, Cape Town, South Africa
Saturday November 27th 2021

ANC provincial official labels Zille a ‘racist bitch’

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One Response to “ANC provincial official labels Zille a ‘racist bitch’”

  1. Bernie Mruma says:

    South Africa has come from so far as far as aprttheid was concerned and in my sincere opinion this is not time to move back to where it was. I suppose words like calling others refugees or another paerson a bitch should be avoided at all costs. I love South Africa and all South Africans (black, colored and those whites), you are all my fellow Africans and we need to show the rest of the world that all Africans are civilized and we should rather focus on key issues on development, employment for the youth, etc. We should also understand as human beings we have weaknesses and one day someone will make a comment that may either embarase or tend to embarase someone else but a better approach is to find a harmonised way of addressing the matter. Likewise we should alaways way out our statements especially leaders before making them public otherwise the effect may truly turnish community relationships and that is what I refer as going back to apartheid time.

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