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Monday July 22nd 2019

Residents say child abuse suspect no longer welcome in the community

Makhaza residents who reported a women in their community for the abuse of her three adopted children oppose her bail at the Khayelitsha Magistrate's Court. Photo: Nombulelo Damba/WCN

A foster mother appeared briefly in Khayelitsha Regional court on Tuesday for allegedly physically abusing her adopted one-year-old child after residents laid a complaint with the police.

Thabile Qondo, from Makahaza in Khayelitsha is facing charges of assault after residents reported her to the police. She was arrested on March 14 and her one-year-old child, according to documents before court, was suffering from a broken arm and had scars on his back and had to be admitted to the Red Cross Children’s Hospital.

About 15 residents attended court in opposition to Qondo receiving bail. According to residents the abuse of the boy had been going since October last year.

They claim they last year reported the matter to social workers who promised a follow-up which never happened.

Eventually resident Zodwa Gazi, 26, had had enough. She said she could not watch the abuse anymore. Gazi showed the child’s injuries to other residents in the community and a charge was laid at the police station, resulting in Qondo’s arrest the same day.

Qondo’s neighbour Zoliswa Mthontsi said she had reported the matter to social workers a number of times.

“The abuse started last year October. Qondo told me she adopted three children, aged ten, five and one-years-old.”

Mthontsi said she thought Qondo’s act of adoption was kind-hearted but then “she started to beat them”.

She said the 10-year-old had to act as a parent to the younger children.

“She used beat her (the 10-year-old). I reported the matter to the social workers but nothing helped. All the social workers care about is their job. She (the social worker) asked me if I’m aware that by reporting the abuse it’s affecting her job.”

Residents attending the case in opposition to Qondo receiving bail said Qondo was no longer welcome in their community..

“We do not support child abuse. What she did was more than abuse, we do not want her in our area. She deserves to rot in jail for what she did,” said a resident.

Qondo’s adopted children are currently being cared for at the Nonceba child care centre and Qondo’s case was postponed until today.

The bail application was postponed until Thursday as Qondo was too ill to take the stand. – Nombulelo Damba





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