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Moonlighting councilors approved

02 May 2012

There was heated debate at the most recent Mayoral council meeting over whether or not a councillor could hold down another job.

Opposition parties including the ANC, PAC and ACDP disapproved of a fulltime councilor taking another paid job, but they were outvoted in the council which finally agreed that it was possible, so long as the moonlighting did not affect the work required for a councillor to fulfill their duties.

The debate came about after three DA councillors requested they be allowed to earn extra income outside of their city employ.

The moonlighting councillors included Suzette Little, chairperson of Sub-Council 11, Clive Justus, chairperson of Sub-Council 4, and councilor Gerhard Fourie, the chairperson of Sub-Council 7.

Fourie requested he be allowed permission to earn additional income as the sole member of his companies Loufor Brokers CC, Loufor Properties CC and Darwin Café.

Little wants to operate a business in the name of Omega Prive Holdings which has been established but is has not yet started operating, while Justus is a non-executive member of Communicare, Communicare Foundation and Communicare Constructions, from which he receives additional income.

ANC councilor Eric Notana said Justus taking another paid job would mean he would not do his job as councillor properly and would not be able to serve his community as he should.

ACDP councilor Gerald Siljeur also opposed the matter, saying serving fulltime as a councilor required Justus to be at the councilor’s office for eight-hours per day and it would be impossible to do both jobs.

In February the City’s Rules Committee, after receiving an application from Justus requesting the committee to allow him to undertake other paid work, recommended the council allow him to do so.

City Speaker Dirk Smith told the council meeting that a Sub-council chairperson may not take any other paid work, except with the consent of the Council and that such consent should not be unreasonably withheld.

Part of the conditions given to Justus, Little and Fourie were that their other work does not interfere with the work of the Council and no conflict of interest occurs. – Sandiso Phaliso

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