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Sunday September 15th 2019

Police constable kicked out of state housing, says she’s being targeted

Constable Vuyiseka Ngcofe and her family were kicked out of the SAPS state house in Faure on Wednesday. Ngcofe believes she was targeted because she raised issues of racism at Stellenbosch police station where she used to work.

A Mfuleni constable claims she is being targeted for complaining of racism at the Stellenbosch station she used to work at after she was kicked her out of her SAPS-owned house on Wednesday afternoon.

Constable Vuyiseka Ngcofe, 35, who is a single mother of one child, was put out on the street with her daughter, niece and cousin after being evicted by the Sherrif.

Ngcofe said she applied for the police housing in 2010 and was approved.

She said she signed a contract allowing her to live in the house for three to five years but things changed when the houses were renovated earlier this year, after which the property management told her they can’t find the documents proving her right to tenancy.

“What makes me so angry is that if I was not approved where did I get the keys? So many times I told these people that I do not have another place to stay, but they refused to help, saying I can afford to buy a house of my own.”

She said some police personnel have been living in the SAPS houses for over five years but she was not even allowed to see out her three-year contract.

She believes she is being targeted for complaining about racism when she worked at the Stellenbosch station in 2004.

“In 2004 I was a constable in Stellenbosh. My problem was that I did not understand Afrikaans and I asked to be address in English. The staff did not like it, including seniors. At one point I was told I’m a ‘kaffir” who think she knows better because I have a degree.”

She said she was then accused of refusing to help a rape victim even though she was not at the scene.

“My name was dragged through the papers, I ended up packing my bags and going back home to the Eastern Cape after my seniors said they will send me to mental institute. For two years I stayed home without payment because of the stress they put me through,” she said.

However, she said an internal investigation into the matter cleared her name and she returned to work in the police force, stationed in Mfuleni.

“Even though I was found not guilty seniors still refer to me to Ngcofe from Stellenbosch who’s full of it. I think what caused the problem is that I demanded my name be cleared since I was found not guilty and I said I will sue them for the stress they put me through.”

Western Cape police spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Andrè Traut said the allocation of state housing was done in accordance with SAPS housing policy.

Traut said Ngcofe no longer qualified to occupy official housing, and was duly notified.

“When she failed to adhere to instructions to vacate the premises, she was served with an eviction notice issued by the court to vacate on May 31, which was also ignored. She was subsequently evicted by the Sheriff of the court,” he said. –Nombulelo Damba

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