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Friday July 25th 2014

Both old SADF and MK veterans can receive state benefits

Military veterans have been urged come forward and register for government benefits before end of day today ( Friday June 17).

But they should remember to bring their force numbers, the South African Military Veterans Association (SAMVA) has said.

Government has set aside R1, 6 billion for the delivery of a “basket of benefits” to the veterans.

SAMVA provincial secretary Mike Masala said military veterans in the Cape Metro had until Friday to add their names to a database of beneficiaries.

The benefits are as a result of the Military Veterans Act defining a military veteran as a SA citizen who rendered military service to any of the military organisations involved on all sides of the South African liberation war between 1960 and 1994.

The Act, which was approved by Cabinet in 2010, stipulates benefits for such veterans.

He said the veterans included those who served in the old South African Defence Force (SADF), National Servicemen, the ANC’s Mkhonto we Sizwe and PAC’s Azanian People’s Liberation Army (Apla).

Masala said nationally there were 57 000 veterans already on the roll who should come forward for verification.

Since the registration process started last year, he said 3 500 veterans had registered in the province within a period of 14 days.

He could not say off the cuff how many veterans had registered since phase two of the registration process opened on May 28.

Friday is the last day of registration at Fort ikapa Military Base in Goodwood, he said.

He said government has set aside R1, 6 billion for veterans’ benefits which included medical care, education and pension money for those who qualify.

One of the veterans, Jimmy Xalipi, 52, who served under Apla in various countries such as Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Libya and Ethiopia said he was one of the first people to register when the programme was started.

Xalipi, who joined the war when he was 15 years old thanked “President (Jacob) Zuma and Mama (Lindiwe Sisulu) for helping us.

“Many of us are not working, some are sick and others have died. I say thank you for the government for trying to look after us.”

“It is us who brought freedom to this country. We sacrificed our lives to bring freedom to this country,” he said.

Xalipi said while he had his force number, many of his comrades did not have theirs as they were not integrated into the army after 1994. He was however optimistic that they would still benefit.

He said that those with force numbers, mostly those who served under the SADF were taking too long to come forward, delaying the rolling out of benefits. –Francis Hweshe

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168 Responses to “Both old SADF and MK veterans can receive state benefits”

  1. theo says:

    hi im 62 did basic trainig in 1972 an did border duty every year until 1980/1. i refused to do one more camp in 1982.the MPs were still looking for me an until 1990 what a fool i was to think im serving my country.the army took ten yrs of my youth away and created a violant man for there border dutys. witch took another ten yrs to be a gentle man again. only ex border boys can relate to or loose no country is worth fighting for.There has never been a happy S.A.war veteren since the boer war /1st WW1 in 1914 2nd WW 1944 or our own border oorlog. BOTH GOVERMENTS HAVE xyz US

  2. Ndou TW says:

    I want to know when will we get our special pension who to contact

  3. I would like to know who I can contact to find out about my fathers money please! He was a PF (Major) he passed away in 2000

    Please let me know?

  4. Johannes van den Bergh says:

    72318595PE hier is my magsnommer Hoe en waar kan ek aansoek doen vir dit

  5. Steven de Villiers says:

    Hi, I was told we can register and would like to know where I can go to do so. Was in the Air Force from 1985-1991. Also served 4 months in Ondangwa. I still have my Force number.

  6. Stephanus Petrus Smith says:

    Where do I register for this benefit. I did my national service in 1993 (SA Navy). My force number will be provided, on request.

    Thank you

  7. VERNO PARKIN says:


  8. I have registered in Kroonstad and to date have not heard
    anything. We reside in Durban area now but cannot supply an
    address as yet. Will do so as soon as we have moved. What should I do to receive some of the benefits mentioned.


    Arthur Misselhorn

  9. I would like to know what has happened since registration a couple of years ago. We moved to Durban and would like to get feed back. My SADF ID NO. is 63010698BT,
    My I.D. 4109115032083
    I served in the Border War in 1976 in Namibia.

    Arthur G Misselhorn

  10. Peter says:

    I did my Military due from 1978 2years compulsary and there after called up until 1988 .Iregisterd last year but have received no corresondence or feed back,It seems only MK VETS get attention.

  11. Nqabisa Sishuba says:

    Can we atleast be assisted with bursaries.

  12. wunibald Hausiku kapindi says:

    what is happening now since we register we dont know what is going on and my friend tell me that they have receive the medical aids but its only for the member what about our family

  13. robin crawford says:

    so little assistance with this matter can somebody with insight please advise what the procedure for claiming of benefits is ….my goodness it cant be so difficult regards Robin

  14. Thembela Mokopane Gcuze says:

    will you plz help me get my fathers claim his name Johannes ngaka Mokopane he dhe was a anc member in soweto mzimhlophe and died for anc and we never recieve anything from anc they both died fighting for anc mam ad dad plz help with the assistance. I feel like anc betrayed my family so I will never ever vote for anc in my life am sorry to tell the truth its just that it hurts

  15. Carolyn Loubser says:

    My late husband died on 26 September 1999, His ID number is 4505315066088 and his name HENDRIK MATTHEUS LOUBSER.

    He did his military training at Waterkloof airbase. I want to find out if I as his widow can claim any pension benefits

  16. I am enquiring about my late husband’s state benefit. He did his compulsory military service at Waterkloof airbase in the early sixties. His name HENDRIK MATTEUS LOUBSER and his ID number is 4505315066088.
    Please advise.
    Carolyn Loubser

  17. R J J Vorster says:

    Good day I’ve never had a mail adress and never heard about the compensation for vetarns SADF. What’s the procedures to be compensated.

  18. Thembela Mokopane Gcuze says:

    Hi Again my name is leroy thembela mokopane gcuze my dad used to be MK Veteran in Soweto can you plz help me claim money for him he pass away during that struggle of ANC & IFP in Mzimhlophe. my email is cell: 060 492 6262 thanks will really appreciate your help and kindness


    leroy thembela mokopane gcuze

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