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Wednesday August 10th 2022

Both old SADF and MK veterans can receive state benefits

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  1. Carel Jacobus Els says:

    Allso interested in receiving something for being a very loyal soldier in the sadf ? How will i know

  2. Carel Jacobus Els says:

    Allso interested in receiving something for being a very loyal soldier in the sadf ? How will i know

  3. frankswa marr says:

    was in the military from 1989 to 1994 where do i get the form to fill it in

  4. Hi i am former mk soldier i have been in mk veteran office concening the benefit of house 4yrs ago but no one come back to me m staying in the tin house i am so distute for house m working as a guard my id 6702035964084 please help

  5. Ndou Tshifhiwa Walter says:

    Hi I find it hard since they talk about benefits mk vet i have benefit nothing not even a a medical card my id 6702035964084 i have registered in 1990 my phone number 0723187681

  6. Crystal slabbert/Ristow says:

    I served in the navy PF
    From 1981 to 1997
    Can I claim and what has happened to my pension
    My late husband
    Served in the navy PF from 1981 to 1997

    What happens with his pension

  7. Saths Pillay says:

    I served in the SA Navy from 1974 to 1978 with force number 74799818PA and ID No. 5407225035080 (54072250356). I would like to register and to claim benefits. Please advise me how to go about it.


    I was in south african infantry from 1993 t0 1996 . I didn’t get my money, i still need help.

  9. Kelvin Gouws says:

    Kan ek nog aansoek doen vir die fondse

  10. Daniel prins says:

    Why was it so hush hush.most of us service men (and im still in contact of a few) never heard of any payout/ army id 74525551e (stil at nearly 60 cant watch any violence on movies or news.after what we have seen on the border.just told …go home.

  11. Howard says:

    This budget seems to be in a wrong hands that do not want to release what is righfully theirs.

    Now is years this thing has started but all we hear about is benefits that are not reaching to all beneficiaries as they are supposed to.

    Why not payment in a form of money since money is the answer for everything. There are so many veterans that need assistance in the form of money to buy things like food.

    But all we hear of is benefits in the form of medical, schooling and the like. Can someone go to school hungry. In hospital veterans will really go because of malnutrition.

    Give military veterans money so that they can meet their daily needs, not all these hogwatch that you guys proposed.

    You juat want to finish all these budgets on you relatives as you are currently channeling all the money to your family members.

    Go back and relook on all these things that you have approved. Try to come with something that will assist military veterans not this stuff; please.

  12. Daniel Loots says:

    I was in the military 1982 – 1983, 18 months at Grootfontein

    how do I go about to claim the benefit as indicated

  13. JP VAN HEERDEN says:

    Was it ever made public in newspapers, magazines, etc? Today 3 January 2018 is the first time I became aware of this on Facebook.
    Where and how do I apply?

  14. shaun britz says:

    Hi I this whant to know where can we claim our benifits I was sadf in 1989. For two years I haven’t got mag. No I have only I’d no 6804125021088 can they let me know gmail thanks shaun

  15. Carlos santis says:

    I was in the SAAF from 1989-1992, my details
    Military number 88592753 PF, ID 6904155103085.
    Kindly advise what should I do?
    Thank you

  16. jan engelbrecht says:

    I was involved in sadf sine jul 71 to 1993.I registered in Oudshoorn my no 68384916.Must we apply again?

  17. patrick maree says:

    I want to register a Vteran and be placed on the data roll..I have previously done so without feedback

  18. Gary Tembe says:

    Good day Sir/Madam.
    My late father George Joseph Tembe,I.D.number1602025185085 was in the second world war during the period 1940 to 1946 his rank was corporal and number
    C.165159 seeing that he and his wife passed on, does their next of kin, own children… become the receiver of his benefits.
    I have registered him on the database 4 yrs ago.
    Please advise.

  19. DAVID TOCK says:

    eks david tock maag nommer87062113
    id:6602205706085. het nog nooit my pension geld gekry nie

  20. DAVID TOCK says:

    ek het nog nooit my pensioen gelde gekry nie
    maag nomer:87062113ck

  21. Christiaan says:

    Dear Sir,

    I would like to find my force number?
    ID 5011185039080
    Name: Christiaan Marthinus Fouche
    AIRFORCE: July 1969-June 1970
    Can you confirm where to find it?

    Thank you
    CM Fouche

  22. Ronald H. E. Moseley says:

    I registered in Kensington Johannesburg at the Military Base there. That was a number of years ago. Since then I have heard nothing at all. My name is R.H.E.Moseley and I served 11 years in the Light Horse Regiment. My force number is:64014038. My I’D no. Is 4705145066080. Kindly advise.

  23. Harold Lindsay Lloyd says:

    My Military No. 65404345 My ID No. 4808155010087 I did my compulsory national service in 1966 rifleman Outshoorn and did border camps aswell My Cell: 0722917828 PO Box 147 Port Alfred 6170 I want to apply for benefits and military pension Thank you

  24. Hannes Terblanche says:

    My force number 81129140. Dit i qualify


  25. Lalitha govender says:

    My dad was a mk veteran need to how do I go about applying for his penson was in robben island for 12 yrs

  26. ashleykim says:

    Ashleykim Makwela

    my father was a solder since 1984, he passed away 2004, can you help me to do claim.

  27. ashleykim says:

    my father started to work as a solder in 1984, and he passed away in 2004. and my mother also passed away in 2005.

    can you help us to claim.

  28. j vd merwe says:

    We all went and stand in line give our detailes and force numbers.Some of my friends that stood in line with me has since passed away.Can some one tell me have anybody recieved any benefits yet or was it just a scam by the goverment?

  29. Mitshane D. Ntsoelengoe says:

    My late brother died as SADF and he joined Umkhondo We Ziwe in December 1991. We only received R33 000,00 for his burial and his two dependents have received no benefit but only few thousands rand once in a year since they were children. My mom and I are struggling to keep up with thier demands as they are growing and need support for education food etc. I have tried to solve this matter for many years but have been taken from pillar to post. I got his force number, ID, death certificate and their birth certificate. Strange enough, the children are not showing on records of military but they are on the system and are getting annual payment of couple of thousand rands which is not enought to cater for their well being and education. Please help. Thanks

  30. Mitshane D. Ntsoelengoe says:

    The children are on the database of Masters High court and I am not show above database of GEPF but they are not on the database of the SANDF.

  31. Mpho Mogapi says:

    My grandmother was part of the people who sacrificed her life and family to fight for a democratic country. She was assaulted by the apartheid police but when she applied for special pension she was declined and when I called the department to find out why, they also had no idea why. Too much corruption is happening in this department and clearly they’ll never get this pension

  32. Patricia Steenkamp says:

    they say they will come to us but never come out I’m waiting,cuase my father died a few years back we fill in papers but never receive any answers. his I’d nr.5701065132084 and my phone nr.0789625919

  33. darren says:

    Fellow brothers in arms i served in artillery of 14Art regiment, force number 89572226BG served 1990-1992 and still volanteer at Transvaal Horse Artillery can anyone please advise me on how to claim as i have done so two years ago, mysteriously my applicstion was lost

    Strength and honor to us all

  34. Hi,
    I registered my database forms in February 2018.My force number is:76579655 PE.They said after 3 months they will send me an sms,till today nothing was received.I was in the S.A.D.F. from 1978-1982,never received my pension that was deducted every month.I also want to know if I qualify for housing and medical as what has been said.I have also tried to download the application forms for housing,medical and funeral,no success.
    thank you.
    Walter Murray-Smith

  35. Walter Murray-Smith says:

    I have waited a year and I still do not know if I have qualified for benefits,and can anyone tell me what happened to my pension money that was not paid out.I was in the Infantry from 1978-1982,my force number is :76579655PE.I would also be grateful if I can receive my record of service.I am looking forward hearing from you with some answers.
    Kind Regard
    Walter Murray-Smith

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