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Sunday October 2nd 2022

Both old SADF and MK veterans can receive state benefits

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  1. Christo Coetzee says:

    Hi its Christo Johan Coetzee, my cel 0748755725, According to your web my force number and id number dont correspedent with each other

  2. O. Hoffman says:

    Please provide latest update re reimbursement for SA Military veterans.


    O. Hoffman

  3. Please will you help me

  4. R Burger says:

    Good day

    Can I still register for the SANDF benefit?


  5. Adam Kay says:

    I claimed many years ago, how do I follow up on this.
    Can anyone help
    We do we go or on which website do we go on?
    Please assist.

  6. Jacques Labuschagne says:

    Please send me the claim forms to complete. 86571510PE I was in the force from 1989 to 1999.

  7. My father went to second world war we been trying to get my head around the whole thing of the compensation fund for second world war veterans my father past on my mother try to get the funding she past on now I’m the last born trying to get my head around the whole thing really need help with this what do I do where do I go I have all original documents of my late father and I believe that there is fund’s set aside by government please need help with this.

  8. Louwrens says:

    Good day, I was a soldier in Potch for 2 years, and I Filled a form in about 2 years ago and heard nothing from anyone. I serve my country in 1981 – 1982. Where can I query ? I’m in North west province .

  9. Lukas van Wyk says:

    Het het geregistreer in 2014 maar nog niks gehoor nie
    Mags no 66435967

  10. roger wessels skt 86074242ck says:

    I would like to apply for army benifeds do ido it at ikapa base its the first time that I hear from the benifeds

  11. Pine says:

    looks like a bullshit story as always

  12. Neil Craig Lauder says:

    Can someone pls advise where one can register?

  13. Carel says:

    kan jy my raad gee oor die eies is dit waar of nie

  14. Derek Sullivan says:

    I have registered a few years ago and have heard nothing. Is this process still being attended to.

  15. Petrus Jacobus Cornelius jansen van Rensburg says:

    I would like to know if I qualify for any funds that are payable to me. I served in the army until 1972 and would like to know what to do to claim my benefits

  16. Petrus Jacobus Cornelius jansen van Rensburg says:

    Please contact me regarding any unclaimed benefits. Cell phone 0739345254 (Sannie my wife will answer the phone or send email

  17. HF Edwards says:

    I sent in my details more than a year ago, nothing heard.

    Joined 3 Dec 1964 as a Veldkornet SAIK. Served as a pilot for 3 years at 42 Army Air Recc Sqd, Potchefstroom.

    Servive Nr 01556968E

  18. J.P.J Jordaan says:

    I have completed and sent in registration papers some years ago.

    Never heard anything but believe we can qualify for some benifits invluding medical aid.

    My Force Number 78561271BT- J.P.J Jordaan

    Can you please let me know how to receive the medical card and any other benefit I may qualify for.

    Kind Regards
    Jan Jordaan

  19. Gerhard Rothman says:

    My mags nommer is 74676400BG of 74676400BG. Ek wil asb aan sluit. Ek het geen medies nie!

  20. clinton says:

    I filled in forms about 4 years ago but still not a word!! Can someone explain.

  21. Robert Taylor says:

    Hi, would like to know about a surplus payout for old soldiers.
    i was in airforce 1972/73

  22. Donovan isaacs says:

    Hi I’ve also heard about the benefits I did my two years voluntary service in 1989 to 1991 I would like to know if the volunteers are also liable to get these benefits and if so were do we register if registration is still pending as I reside in johannesburg newlands thank you

  23. Johannes says:

    Hi I was in SADF in 1982/83 my number is 79333233 and my id number is 630729 5188 08 3 when was the registration and can i still register to qualify please

  24. Desmond Patrick Roux says:

    After four years what is the process to claim?

  25. pedro says:

    this is a big bullshit story, sorry to say. !!!!

  26. Frikka says:

    Good day,
    I filled in forms about 4 years ago at Oudtshoorn and prove of forms completed but nothing happened so far !

  27. mike fischer says:

    please advise how I submit a claim for benefits as a conscript of the Former SA National Defence Force having served in 1975

    Mike Fischer





    0827913204/ 0814573229



  30. Dear Sir/Madam
    I did my National Service in 1982/84 and have just learnt I can claim an army pension. I would like to know how I can go about getting it as I am now living in the UK.
    Yours sincerely
    Peter Glendinning

  31. Robert Taylor says:

    I believe i am entitled to a surplus payout? i did my national service 1972/3 in airforce, also border duties. please let me know how i can claim, what is due to me, i am retired now..
    Thank you,
    Robert Taylor.

  32. I los both my legs in SANDF old Army in 1986, and was only paid out R10000, no medical benefit, no car subsidy or house, lost my job, I was qualified mechanic, suffer since the says:

    JHL NEL, FORCE NO 80334378BT

    Is their any way we will be helped with car, house and mecical,
    Lost both my legs above my knees in 1986 during my army services, please help, the monthly pension dont help for everything.


  33. T Boock says:

    In 1914 my g/ fathers brother died 1st world war delville wood france no compensation it took 100yrs to get memor now displayed in castle. In the 2nd world war both my mothers brothers served and died receiving nothing. From 1970 -1971 military training from 1975 – 1984 I had 5 wives and served 5 x 3 month border duty military service. I have made numerous efforts to get military pension with no luck so it is all bullshit there is no pension only goverment bullshit .So to all the mothers and fathers out there stop your children from military service no country or leader is worth fighting for or giving your life up for .They must get out they only have one life. At my age now Angola is a sad memory of regret for the many 18yr old boys that died for THIS BANANA REPUPLIEK

  34. BS Swartz says:

    Please someone assit me. What about former SWA. (Namibian) veterans…serving in SADF before independence. Will they benefit from the scheme or not?

  35. Annesley londt says:

    Good day my name is Annesley Londt i did my duty from 1988…to 1989 …national duty do i get bennefits there is a money i never got pls contact me….

  36. Annesley londt says:

    Good day my name is Annesley Londt i did my duty from 1988…to 1989 …national duty do i get bennefits there is money i never got pls contact me….

  37. P.Singh says:

    I completed national service.attained mtr1 And completion of 2year certificates.Force No.85031094AK.4 or5 years back upon hearing about these benefits i went to an army base in old fort road and completed application forms there, but to no avail.Whoever received these application forms should have the audacity to give us feed back as to whether we qualify or not and for whatever the reasons are.

  38. sipho mbuyane says:

    my benefit please just let me know.

  39. Gerhard Smit says:

    Regardiang Army pension and compensation. Alsoq foar that Lower Back pain and post traumatic stress disorder.
    >20% disablement only Compensation only
    <20% compensation and pension in terms of several acts to a Maximum of R15 000 pm
    Regret I do not enter into correspondence due to the volume of the Enquiries.
    But please phone me

  40. E Hoffe says:

    5 years later and still not a cent paid,no follow up info at all. What a shame to make people stand for hours to register and then nothing happens. What is happening?

  41. klaas mosimanegape says:

    I have registered, and never got feedback what should I do next

  42. Johannes G Henning says:

    I need State assistance for serving in army 1980-1982
    kindly forward the application form

    Many thanks
    Johannes G Henning

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  44. najma says:

    My father registered a few years back, but recently past away 14.07.2017. Will my mother or myself as the daughter be able to claim anything.

  45. Zacharia Sehlapelo says:

    My grandpa fought for the world war 11 and I got his certificate with me.We never received any compensation from government.How can you help on this one?

  46. My father passed on and he was serving at army but he went out without any annuities what can I do

  47. 92080241CK says:


  48. Nicholas S Steyn says:

    Ek het al in 2011aansoek gedoen in Aberdeen Nog niks gehoor nie Ek was in die Army vanaf 1978-1979 magsno 74352022BG

  49. Good day i was in the S.A.D.F from July 1978- December i qualify?I was in the permanent force for that period.I also did not receive my pension money after I left.I tried several of queries,no success.76579655 PE

  50. Francois J Malan says:

    I did my training during 1970. Spent time on the border. Did many 3 weeks camps. Do I qualify? If yes need forms to complete, Force number 66488420

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