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Sunday February 17th 2019

A sizzling sensation!


Last week’s Burn The Floor dancers had audiences on their feet after a solid two hours on theirs.

The Latin and Ballroom dance show featured 20 lithe, great looking dancers, two sensational singers and a live band to get the pulse racing. Routines seamlessly followed each other as the dancers depicted the grace of ballroom dancing, the energy of jive and the passion of flamenco. The result was a heady combination of romance and sizzle, which had spectators whooping with delight and clapping in time to the beat.

The costumes, all made in Australia, were dazzling and revealing. They held the audience captivated as we watched the long, muscular backs and long necks of the girls glide back and forth on stage while they shimmied in and out of the wings.

All young, all athletic and none putting a step wrong, the dancers were happy to do a Q&A session after the show where eager audience members asked them what styles of dancing they most enjoyed, what kept them fit, what they ate, how much they had gotten to see of Cape Town and where the show was traveling to next.

Robbie Kmetoni, 20, who won Australia’s So You Think You Can Dance at age 18, described what a huge honour it was to be a part of the Burn The Floor company.

“I began training at the age of 12 and really love both ballet and ballroom. Burn The Floor encompasses both these styles and so many more so I do what I love and I am constantly learning as choreographers, Jason Gilkison and Peta Roby, change up our routines in each new city.

“When I was on So You Think You Can Dance I was dancing non-stop from 6am to 1am every day for 3 months. It was really stressful. I chose to be a part of Burn The Floor as my prize when I won the competition and have never looked back. We train in the mornings before shows and those rehearsals can be two hours long or even four or five hours long but we do get weeks off in between shows which keeps things fresh for us.”

Karen Hauer whose racy and flirtatious interaction with audience members gets the show going is a So You Think You Can Dance alumni and a World Mambo Champion. Asked if she ever broke her heels she described how their heels are protected with rubber guards.

“Our heels are very hard wearing but yes, they do suffer from wear and tear. We used rubber guards to protect them and we have to change those often.”

Ashleigh Di Lello who only danced in group numbers all night admitted that sometimes the dancers do suffer from burnout.

“Two days a week we have double show days. When we are not practicing with the company we all try to get to the gym and do pilates workouts. We do sometimes get tired but we love what we do. Unfortunately I am injured at the moment and because of my hip am only able to do group numbers until I heal. But I hope that that will be very soon because it is incredibly hard to sit out with an injury and watch everyone else dance! I have been with Burn The Floor for eleven years. We do sometimes get injured!”

The show itself raised the roof with no less than three stage bows. The audience was given an extra chance to ask what they had always wanted to afterwards. Over all it was an electrifying experience and over all too soon. The Cape Town show has closed but you can catch Johannesburg and Durban performances of Burn The Floor by going to to book tickets. It’s not to be missed! – Kate Gerber

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