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Monday July 22nd 2019

DuNoon film give youth a shot at acting


Kwaito musician Mdu Bhabhata (on left) and Lundi Wulana who works as a freelance Disc Jockey, are two Du Noon local set to benefit from a movie to be shot in the township. Photo: Peter Luhanga/WCN

A 45 minute feature film set to be shot in Du Noon township by film students from the UK is introducing youth in the poverty-stricken area to opportunities in the film and acting industries.

About 30 young people from Du Noon are to act in the film which tells the story of a young man trying to prove his innocence after being wrongly convicted for murder in a script written by Du Noon youth Norman Mazibuko.

Mazibuko said he had taken his script to Guts 2 Glory – a not for profit organisations specialising in raising funds for disabled and disadvantaged athletes – and they had been impressed.

Director Lee McQueen, who is also a Guts 2 Glory fundraiser, said  Mazibuko’s script was “excellent”.

McQueen said a colleague of hers had taken the script to the United Kingdom to source funding, and approached film school students ecouraging them to come out to South Africa and shoot the film.

Called ‘Dark Streets’, the film is to shoot entirely in Du Noon township, said Mazibuko.

He said the selected 30 youths had gone through auditions and were currently undergoing training in film acting and familiarising themselves with the script.

The film would be shot in Xhosa, Sesotho and English, he said.

McQueen said when she attended the auditions she was amazed that there was so much undiscovered talent and potential in the township.

“It’s unbelievable,” she said.

Du Noon Kwaito music star Mdu Bhabhata is also composing an original soundtrack for the film.

Bhabhata said there were “a lot of things” that happened in Du Noon apart from gangsterism, alcohol and drug abuse and domestic violence.

The film was going to showcase the untapped acting talent in Du Noon, he said.

One of the selected actors is Lundi Wulana who works as a freelance Disc Jockey in taverns.

Wulana said the film was the first thing in the township that was going to entertain and benefit “everyone”.

Filming is due to start in September and McQueen said the film would be entered into an international amateur film competition and after that they would approach NuMetro to get involved in distributing the film. — Peter Luhanga

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    very interesting to have community like Dunoon being put in to Map by their very own talent

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