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Tuesday March 19th 2019

Serial child rapist gets 11 life sentences


Serial child rapist Soyiso Nofemele was a “pervert and a sex predator” who preyed on helpless young girls for a long period of time said Western Cape High Court Judge Thandaswa Ndita in handing down sentencing yesterday.

On Monday last week the 24-year-old father of a six-year-old child pleaded guilty to raping 11 girls between the ages of two and eight-years-old, raping one of the girls twice.

He also raped and then murdered four-year-old Aviwe Speelman.

His spree of rape, culminating in murder, lasted from April 2010 to September 2011.

“You’re a menace to society,” Judge Ndita told Nofemele.

“Your conduct is sick and disgusting, particularly killing a girl when she screamed. You’re a pervert,” said the Judge before handing down 11 life sentences with 10 years for the abduction charges to run concurrently with no parole.

“I have given full consideration to all the factors presented in court, a life sentence is justified,” said Ndita.

She said the copy of her judgement should be brought to the attention of correctional services.

She said through out the trial Nofemele displayed a “naughty” and “dismissive” smile.

“You sat in the dock grinning when the charges were read and you smiled,” she said

Through out the sentencing, Nofemele looked composed and relaxed and didn’t appear concerned.

Nofemele, who lived in Harare, Khayelitsha, abducted girls from Monwabisi Park, luring them to nearby bushes where he would rape them.

The investigating officer had provided evidence that all the offences were committed within a kilometre radius.

She said according to the state counsel, a mere seven days after strangling four-year-old Aviwe Speelman to death he abducted another child and raped her.

“Even the plea of guilty was reached because of the overwhelming evidence against him,” she said.

She said complainants had said even though their children were undergoing trauma counselling the impacts of what they had been subjected to was still embedded in their memory.

Medical reports submitted to court indicated that all complainants had their hymen torn, including the two-year-old..

“That points out to the brutality and cruel manner you violated these children,” she said adding that two sister girls were raped together, each seeing what was happening to the other.

State prosecutor Samantha Raphels welcomed Judge Ndita’s sentence.

Outside the court, a parent whose seven-year-old daughter was raped by Nofemele said she would never forgive Nofemele for what he had done to innocent children.

“I can’t forgive Nofemele. When I look at my child I see the pain she went through.”

The National Prosecuting Authority Western Cape spokesperson Eric Ntambazalila said they were satisfied with the sentence.

“We got 11 life sentences and 10 years. We understand that the sentence won’t wipe the pain from those victims and won’t bring back the lives of those children but it brings closure to the families. The person who brought the pain will never be able to walk the streets of Khayelitsha again,” he said. — Peter Luhanga

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