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Thursday September 19th 2019

Foreigners embraced in Du Noon


Residents in Cape Town’s Du Noon township have embraced foreign nationals, urging them to take part in  developing the township and ending longstanding tensions and hostility towards foreigners.

ANC ward councillor Lubabalo Makeleni called a meeting last week between local residents and foreign nationals to discuss how they could end the tensions and hostility between them.

About 200 foreign nationals, the majority of them Somalis, attended the meeting which was addressed by high ranking officers from the Milnerton Police station, Milnerton Community Policing Forum (CPF), pastors and local community leaders.

Addressing the meeting CPF chair Andile Peter said the local residents had realised that the foreigners were not in South Africa by choice but due to the challenges they faced in their home countries which compelled them to come down to South Africa to seek safety.

Peter said they wanted to integrate the foreigners so that they could assist in uplifting the local community as many of them were highly skilled.

However, he did point out that some foreigners were involved in promoting anti social behaviour by dealing in drugs and that was not going to be allowed in the township.

When we identify those people (foreigners dealing in drugs) and ask them to excuse us, it will not be a xenophobia attack. We will root you out in conjunction with the police,” warned Peter.

Makeleni said there had been longstanding tensions and hostility towards foreign nationals in the township and local residents and community leaders wanted to end it.

The tensions arose from foreigners buying RDP houses whereas their owners stayed in backyard shacks.

The business competition between foreign owned and locally owned spaza shops was also a cause of tension, he said.

“Most RDP houses have been sold to foreign nationals so we want to resolve these tensions.”

He lso said they wanted to resolve concerns that police were applying different sets of laws to foreigners and locals.

Community leader Sinxoshe Jali was upset that while there were about 200 foreign nationals at the meeting, none of the Chinese nationals running spaza shops in the township were there.

Milnerton Police spokesperson Warrant Officer Daphne Dell said the police wanted to establish a working committee between foreign spaza shops owners and local business owners so as to assist in combating crime in the area.

“We’re bound to render services to everyone,” said Dell.

“As from now on you’re part and parcel of Du Noon community,” said Peter.

Somali spaza shop owner Abdulahi Mohomod, 25 said he had felt safer after the meeting.  “We now feel safe and welcome in the township.” — Peter Luhanga


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    Councilor makeleni collects money from somalians threatening them he is corupt he had a fight with one called john makeleni was drunk also where is the 8million for service delivery

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