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Tuesday September 27th 2022

Toilet burning K’litsha learners dodge grade demotion

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3 Responses to “Toilet burning K’litsha learners dodge grade demotion”

  1. siyabulela says:

    I’m glad it happened after my passing year at the school.

  2. siyabulela says:

    I’ve been in the school, I know how the situation is, but not only at Matthew Goniwe – the whole new curriculum is difficult for the educators, but only the learners suffer, especially in English. The new system was not given enough time for the educators to adapt, but they are doing nothing to show that it’s hard and we, the learners, suffer for the mistakes.

  3. Balulwa says:

    i remember this day very wel, during my matric year, there was no school for that particular day because of the strike, in was actua;;y amongst them because i also didnt support that whole demoting thing that was happing at that time

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